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Babylon Fall In Bible And History Essay free essay sample

, Research Paper Comparing the autumn of the Historical Babylon and the Babylon of Revelation To understand the symbolism between the two Babylon # 8217 ; s of the bible, one must first understand the autumn of each and how the two comparison. There is a batch to be said about the events that took topographic point during autumn of the Historical Babylon how these events are related to the autumn of the Babylon of Revelation. To get down with I will depict the autumn of the Historical Babylon and so associate this to two mainstreams of idea sing the autumn of the Babylon of Revelation. These two thoughts are the futuristic and the historical positions of Babylon? s autumn. The ground for these two separate positions is because there is surely no book in the Bible that has given more trouble to translators than the book of Revelation. Many things about it continue to perplex the serious Bible pupil, and many points remain vague. ( ref. # 4, p.220 ) Ancient Babylon Babylon was an tremendous metropolis and thought by its dwellers to be inviolable. Some estimations put the country of the metropolis at every bit much as 200 square stat mis, with many Fieldss and groves within the metropolis walls ( ref. # 2, p320 ) . The river Euphrates flowed through the metropolis, come ining in under the metropolis walls. The walls of Babylon are believed to hold been around 80 pess thick, with some country being over 120 pess midst ( ref. # 7, p.68 ) . 100 Gatess of bronze gave entry to the metropolis. In 604 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar led an invasion of Jerusalem, taking many Jews prisoner and get downing the imprisonment and seven times punishment that had antecedently been prophesied. At this clip Babylon was the greatest imperium on Earth, but a new force was emerging. The Medes and Persians were going a mighty imperium. In the clip of Belshazzar, grandson of Nebuchadnezzar, war was ramping between the two imperiums. The Babylonians, which were non caring about the enemy who were even so at the Gatess of the metropolis, engaged in a immense, bibulous party. During this banquet the aureate vass, taken from the temple at Jerusalem and reserved for pure service to God, were abused at the bid of the male monarch. The judgement of God was revealed by the authorship on the wall . That dark the metropolis was invaded, and the Medes and Persians under Darius and Cyrus were winning ( ref. # 1 p.431 ) During the dark of the drunken banquet, the river and its feeders that ran under the metropolis walls were blocked and the H2O diverted into canals and pools dug by the Medes and Persians for that intent. The consequence was that the ground forces of the Medes and Persians could literally walk in under the wall. The ground forces entered Babylon at one terminal and quickly moved through the metropolis, run intoing small opposition from the guardians, who were caught wholly off-guard. The metropolis of Babylon was utterly destroyed ( ref. # 7 ) . Babylon had a warning of their judgement for over 100 old ages, a warning given by God Himself. The warning was scorned and ignored by a Godless people. This foolish rejection of the Word of God led to entire devastation. The promise of the return of Christ, signaling the terminal of the universe, as we know it, has been scorned by world, merely as the prognostication of the autumn of the Babylonian Empire. This is why the book of Revelation relates the autumn of Babylon with the modern twenty-four hours universe. Work force and adult females today would instead indulge in a drunken party than seek the Lord. The demand to hold a spirit-filled-soul, and to stay in the Spirit grows more pressing every twenty-four hours. Jesus said, Watch, for you know non when your Lord may come! Babylon of Revelation This Babylon is of class a symbolic figure stand foring the immorality on Earth that distracts God # 8217 ; s kids from their committedness to Him. Babylon is called the great prostitute in Revelation. This indicates a Babylon that allures, tempts, seduces, and draws people away from God. The actual Babylon of Biblical times reminded one of the pleasure-mad, chesty, anti-God civilizations that put pleasure in front of all else. Babylon of old was described as of the lecherousness of the flesh, the lecherousness of the eyes, and the pride of life, ( 1 John 2:16 ) . In Revelation 18 John writes, And I heard another voice from Eden, stating, Come out of her, my people, that you may non take part in her wickednesss and that you may non have of her pestilences. Here John is speaking about Babylon ( see verse 2 ) . Christians are to populate in the universe, but they are non to be of the universe. Paul writes in 2 Cor. 6:17, Therefore, come out from their thick and be separate, says the Lord. and do non touch what is dirty ; And I will welcome you. Babylon is the universe, the seduction of the universe, at any minute of history, which would pull away a Christian from God. In John # 8217 ; s twenty-four hours Babylon would have been represented by the Roman Empire. Today, it would be represented by all civilizations that seek to score the Christian off from God. The futuristic position of the autumn of Babylon It is the desire of the futuristic reading that in context, the autumn of Babylon is straight related to an eschatological scene. Certain transitions relate the autumn of Babylon to the Day of the Lord. Babylon # 8217 ; s autumn and the Day of the Lord. The futuristic translators insist that Isaiah 13:6, 9, 13 decidedly establishes the scene for the autumn of Babylon as the Day of the Lord. To these translators the Day of the Lord is ever an eschatological event. Since in Isaiah 13:2-16 the nomenclature Day of the Lord appears these poetries must hold a future fulfilment. But if these poetries have a future fulfilment so it would look to be impossible to interpret poetries 17 through 20, which describe the overthrow of Babylon as holding been fulfilled in the yesteryear. The decision is hence offered that since the autumn of Babylon as prophesied in Scripture is to take topographic point in the scene of the Day of the Lord ; and since the Day of the Lord is yet future, so it follows that the devastation of Babylon yet awaits fulfilment. The futuristic translators point out that the prognostication of Babylon # 8217 ; s autumn non merely relates to the Day of the Lord but besides to the events that mark the beginning of the Millennium. The transition which most clearly supports this contention is Isaiah 14:1-7. This thought points out that there are at least three things in these poetries refering Israel # 8217 ; s history, which have non come to go through: ( 1 ) God has non yet set them in their ain land ( 14:1 ) ; ( 2 ) Israel does non yet possess the peoples of the Earth for retainers and servants ( 14:2 ) ; ( 3 ) Israel has non yet taken them captive whose prisoners they were, nor ruled over their oppressors ( 14:2 ) . Thus Scripture makes Babylon # 8217 ; s fall contemporary with two concurrent events-the forgiveness of Israel and the coming Day of the Lord. Even if it could be shown that the devastation of Babylon and its land has reached a point that adequately answers to anticipations of Scripture esteeming it, a resurgence of Babylon would still be necessary in order for Bible to be accomplished. The Historical View of Babylon? s Fall The Babylon function is played several times in the Scriptures. In Revelation the three angels would get down to wing one after the other. The first angel announced the beginning of the judgement period which precedes the coming of Christ. God called many around the universe to get down to analyze the 2300-day prognostication. The most outstanding of these was a Baptist husbandman, William Miller. In 1818 he came to the decision that the judgement would get down around 1843 and that Jesus would so return in glorification to cleanse the Earth by fire. ( Of class he was incorrect about the return of Je Sus. ) His public ministry began in 1831. Before the clip of letdown in 1844, had been joined by about 300 other curates. 135,000 people are estimated to hold expressed their committedness to the motion. This was a important portion of the population of the United States ( ref. # 8 ) . Thus 1831 would tag the beginning of the call of the foremost angel ( Rev. 14:6, 7 ) . As the motion was coming to its flood tide, the Protestant churches began to denounce the new thoughts, puting themselves in the place of corrupted Babylon. The 2nd angel # 8217 ; s message, hence, began shortly before the clip of letdown in the autumn of 1844. The 3rd angel predicts God # 8217 ; s concluding wrath for those who accepted the animal # 8217 ; s grade. It began when the significance of his message was discovered from the Bibles by those who seriously studied and prayed after the letdown. And there followed another angel, stating, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great metropolis, because she made all states drink of the vino of the wrath of her fornication. ( Rev. 14:8 ) The Historical interpiters believe that Babylon was the Roman church which developed new philosophies adulterated by uniting Biblical truth with heathen beliefs. The effects of the Counter Reformation and the refusal of the Protestant churches to go on seeking the Bibles for new truth, was conveying them into the cantonment of religious Babylon. The poetry merely quoted, the angel merely says Babylon is fallen. Can be contrasted to the message of the powerful angel of Revelation 18 who cries out mightily in a loud voice with the same message. The angels continue to wing and the messages continue to be progressively pressing until the flood tide in chapter 18. There the concluding call is given to come out and the penalty of pestilences predicted by the 3rd angel is given to Babylon who is pictured as the adult female on the animal. It is in this sense that Protestantism may be said to hold fallen. Reminder of what happened in 1844 The coming sermonizers were incorrect about Jesus coming in 1844, and the churches of the clip rightly pointed out their mistake. The churches failed, nevertheless, to acknowledge the leading of God and refused to see that the temple to be cleansed was in Eden ( Heb. 8 ) . In other words, these Protestant churches rejected the thought that something of import had happened. At the same clip the huge bulk of the people who had been moved by the Holy Spirit to atone and prepare for the judgement rapidly returned to their old ways without farther survey to understand what had happened to the computations and events predicted. In contrast to the futuristic position of Babylon # 8217 ; s fall the historical interperters holds the position that the Old Testament prophecies associating to the autumn of Babylon have already been fulfilled. They contend that the prognostications sing Babylon # 8217 ; s autumn do non associate to one specific historical state of affairs but to an ideal autumn of the metropolis. The definite historical beginning of the ideal autumn of Babylon is indicated in the prognostications of the coming of the Medes ( Isaiah 13:17 ; 21:2, 3 ; Jeremiah 51:11, 28 ) . Cyrus is named as the leader in the expedition against Babylon ( Isaiah 44:28 ; 45:1 ) . Because of these definite historical allusions the historical school of translators can non see how the autumn of Babylon could be an eschatological event. While the futuristic translators distinguish between the Babylon of Revelation 17 and that of chapter 18 the historical translators, as a regulation, do non. Whatever reading is given to the prostitute of Revelation 17 is besides given to the city of chapter 18. Among the translators who reject any mention to actual Babylon in Revelation, three positions prevail. Some hold that Apocalyptic Babylon is the nonliteral application of that name to a wholly different metropolis, Rome. Others hold that Apocalyptic Babylon is the apostate church. A 3rd group holds that the term Babylon in Revelation applies to a system or civilisation instead than to any specific geographical centre. However diverse their accounts of the Apocalyptic Babylon may be, these translators are convinced that no mention to actual Babylon is intended. They feel that the impression that actual Babylon is to be rebuilt is in struggle with the Old Testament prognostications, which indicate Babylon is to be destroyed and neer once more inhabited. Decision Disclosure has been really hard for many to understand for many scriptural bookmans, nevertheless in researching the two mainstreams of idea sing the autumn of Babylon of Revelation I have come to my ain apprehension that the autumn of Babylon has yet to come. And I am reassured of this because Revelation gives inside informations related to the collateral harm caused by the autumn of Babylon. Which seems that these are warnings and descriptions of things to come. Besides I believe that Christ warns of the autumn of Babylon in the Parable of the Ten Virgins. Predicted by a narrative Jesus told This form of events traced in Jesus # 8217 ; narrative of the 10 virgins. All carried oil in their lamps, but five foolish 1s didn # 8217 ; T carry excess oil with them. The foolish virgins ran out of oil and were non admitted to the nuptials. All are claiming a topographic point in the nuptials but some won # 8217 ; T be every bit ready as they had imagined. The nuptials represents the clip when the members of the land of God are identified in judgement and go the bride of Jesus. In Luke 12:32 we see Jesus coming out from the nuptials and into the marrying banquet. Thus the nuptials begins before Christ returns in glorification. It ends at that clip when we go to observe the matrimony supper of the Lamb ( Rev. 19:9 ) . Many of the mentions seem to bespeak that autumn of Babylon will strongly impact the societal and economic construction of the universe. They imply that the creativeness, accomplishment and of course hardworking nature of adult male will all of a sudden come up losing. And darkness will fall on world as the visible radiation of the universe ; the tapers shine no more at all in thee ( Rev.18:23 ) . The nazarene related the visible radiation of a taper to the interior spirit of adult male, comparing it to either immorality ( darkness ) , or goodness ( light ) ( Luke 11:33-36 ) . Revelation states that when Babylon falls, she is to be utterly burned with fire ( Rev.18: 8:9 ) . At Pentecost, linguas of fire Saturday over the caputs of the apostles, but they were non harmed. Alternatively they received the Holy Spirit ( Acts 2:1-4 ) . The firebrand that destroys Babylon will non be made of the natural stuff we worlds might foremost see. The fire that destroys Babylon is the fire of the Holy Spirit. And as its power inundations the Earth, whether straight or through adult male, it will finalise the remotion of adult male # 8217 ; s bondage to the physical universe and set him everlastingly free. What a fantastic twenty-four hours this will be, when we will be set free! 1. Jones, Alonzo Trevier. The Great Empires of Prophecy. Chicago: Reappraisal and Herald Publishing Company, 1898. 2. Goodspeed, George Stephen. A History of the Babylonians and Assyrains. New York: Charles Scribner? s Sons, 1917. 3. King, Leonard W. A History of Babylon. London: Chatto and Windus, 1919. 4. Hislop, Rev. Alexander. The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship. New York: Loizeaux Brothers, Bible Truth Depot, 1944. 5. Winckler, Hugo. The History of Babylonia and Assyria. New York: Charles Scribner? s Sons, 1907. 6. Parrot, Andre. Babylon and the Old Testament. New York: Philosophic Library, 1958. 7. Saggs, H.W.F. The Greatness that was Babylon. New York: Hawthorn Books Inc. Publishers, 1962. 8. Maxwell, C. Mervyn. God Cares Vol. 2. Boise, Idaho ; Oshawa, Ontario, Canada: Pacific Press Publishing Association, 1985.

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Innovative Strategy E-Business Change Management

Question: Describe about the Innovative Strategy for E-Business Change Management. Answer: Introduction In business basically an innovation refers to a new idea or a product that that is better than the one that was previously used. As a process, Innovation is the translation of the new idea or invention into goods and services that have added value. An innovation strategy is a plan designed by a business aimed at advancing its technology and products .Designing of an innovation strategy involves substantial research by an organization so that it can understand the requisites for having in place an innovation strategy (King Anderson, 2001). Innovativeness is a critical component of any business success .The ability of a business entity to come up with new products, services as well as efficient ways of doing things especially trough adoption of technology and increasing overall efficiency in operations creates the difference between success and failure in organizations. An innovative strategy can therefore improve the performance of an organization in comparison with its competitors as well as improve business prospects. In particular innovation can be significantly important for a business operating in a very competitive industry. Innovations may include development of technologies that are not in the market, use of new management and production procedures among other types of innovations (Mcintyre, 2015). Basically, there are four types of innovations breakthrough innovation, new product innovation, sustaining innovation and Disruptive .This means that the innovation strategy that is undertaken is dependent on the outcome that a business intends to achieve. A breakthrough innovation strategy is a strategy that new and way ahead of the existing strategies, it usually combines different attributes into one big innovation. Sustaining innovation strategy is a strategy of improving a product or service that is already there from one stage to another until it gets to the end of its life cycle (Wang, 2012). New market innovation refers to application of an existing product in new ways and it could as well involve new customers. Disruptive innovation is an innovation aimed at providing simple, low cost solutions to existing customers problems (Thomas, 2013). Before an innovation strategy is implemented, there are usually a number of factors that are considered .The first and most important is how inspiring a strategy is to the organization .This is achieved by comparing the present state of an organization with the future state of the company .An organization needs to choose an innovative strategy that will move it from its current state and proper it to higher levels. The strategy adopted also has to be ambitious. An organization strategy should not be aimed at getting an organization to its competitors level but it needs to outshine the competitors strategy. It should be aimed at beating the competition and creating a new space (Singh Waddell, 2004). The strategy must also clearly identify the business capabilities as well as the gaps that need to be filled within the organization. It should not be beyond the capability of an organization. Recommended strategy innovation XYZ Company is among the leading Business enterprises in Ghana dealing with non alcoholic drinks. It has competed favorably with other players in the industry for quite a while but it seems to be lagging behind because of using outdated technology in its operations .My recommended innovation for XYZ Company is adoption of modern technology in its provision of services to its clients. The rationale for this is that it will enable the Company to remain competitive in the industry that has been regarded as the most competitive based on the frequent emergence of new players almost on daily basis. Benefits of Technology innovation strategy This innovation strategy is likely to bring about a number of commercial benefits to the organization .The changes will increase efficiency in the production process by minimizing the amount of time taken to produce each unit .It will also lead to minimization of the amount of resources used in the whole process .Besides that, the strategy will also considerably save resources by making more efficient the production process. Adoption of technology will enable the organization to reach large publics trough advertisements. It will also make it possible for the organization to get feedback and converse with their current and potential clients on the areas that they need to improve to bring more consumer satisfaction. Consumer satisfaction will ensure that the companys sales are maintained if not improved trough coming on board of new clients. Modern Technology will also enable the company to keep an eye on the strategies adopted by its competitors .Usually in any business; any move by the competitors, either positive or negative is likely to affect other players either positively or negatively. With modern technology, the company will be able to monitor the actions of its competitors and take counter actions to ensure that it remains as the best in the industry. Medium and long term Goals of the organization To be the leading business Enterprise in the country To have retail outlets in other African Countries and other parts of the world To provide a wide range of products that are of high quality and affordable. To grow its profits to the highest level possible Increase its volume of sales Lower costs Increase recognition for its brands Implementation The innovation strategy to be implemented will be use of a modern technology catering for all the needs of the organization from Production, to Product innovation and marketing .The strategy chosen will work towards ensuring that the company achieves its objectives both long term and short term .This presents a critical step that need to be handled professionally so that there are no repercussions resulting from the implementation. Before the implementation of an innovative strategy a number of factors are considered. Basically any implementation depends on the availability of resources both capital and human resources (Thomas, 2013).Without implementation is likely to remain a pipe dream only written only on paper. For XYZ Company it is endowed with both capital and human resources. Being among the leading organization in the industry, it has been able to attract some of the best talents in the market. With such talents there are no gaps existing in as far as implementation of the new strategy is concerned. However a little expert advice may be necessary but this will not be very significant .Additionally, the company has adequate resources to enable the new changes. The company has the necessary financial strength to fund the new technological innovations without affecting its other operations. However financial capability and availability of human resources which are the first steps to be considered are internal considerations before the implementation process is carried out. There are other processes besides these two internal processes. Scrutiny of associated aspects Usually after an innovation strategy has been identified, the next step involves scrutinizing all the associated aspects to ascertain all the areas that need to need to be considered to ensure that the innovation achieves its intended goals and objectives or to ensure that it helps in the realization of organizational goals by impacting the business process positively. Such aspects include the market segment targeted by the Innovation, the components to be incorporated in the strategy as well as the associated risks. Consideration of this ensures that that the plan is adjusted appropriately to ensure that it works out as intended. Obtaining opinion For any invention to fully achieve its objectives, it must consider the opinions of all stakeholders. It would be wrong for the executive to come up with plans and proceed to implement them without seeking the views of the employees and other stakeholders. For this Technological innovations therefore after all the factors have been analyzed, the next thing will be to seek views of all the stakeholders concerning it. This will allow necessary modifications of the Innovation to meet the needs of each and every one based on the views offered by the employees, the members of the public who are either current or potential customers among other shareholders. After all the opinions have been sought, the next step will be to consider the opinions in making the necessary amendments to the innovation plan so that it is in line with the expectations of each and everyone. Partial Implementation After all the considerations have been put in place the Innovation will implemented in one or a few departments to ascertain the impact of the innovation before rolling it the whole organizations .Partial implementation will give an opportunity to identify the weaknesses of the innovation before rolling it out to the whole organization to allow room for the necessary improvements on the Innovation. Amendments and Final implementation After the Innovation has been tried in some departments and the faults or areas of improvement have been identified, the necessary amendments will be incorporated to make the plan more objective in terms of achieving its intended results. After these amendments have been made, the innovation will then be rolled out to the whole organization All these steps that have been identified are aimed ensuring that the business meets its objectives that were identified earlier. Having in place the Innovation strategy makes it possible for the companys operations to go on as planned which ensures the achievement of the overall goals and objectives. Deployment of resources Every plan that is made in an organization depends on resources available within the organization. If there are sufficient resources within an organization, the possibility of the plan succeeding is very high unlike where there are no sufficient resources. (Cooke., Parrilli Curbelo, 2012) For organization goals and objectives usually there are budgets for the various departments within the organization. The amount of budget for a department is dependent on a number of factors. First is the size of the department, the largest departments handle a wide range of activities so it will be necessary for the departments to be allocated huge budgets than the other departments (Molacek, 2008).It is also dependent on the nature of activities taking place. The marketing department caters for the needs of the whole of the organization so it may require a little more resources to ensure that it achieves this objective. Human resources are also deployed depending on their skills and qualifications .In a particular department will be lacking certain important skills recruitment will be necessary to ensure that all departmental needs regarding human resources are met. So for this organization, the deployment of human resources will be solely on the departmental need and not on any other basis. After the budget has been prepared a request will be sent to the finance manager detailing the financial requirements and how the requested finances will be used. The budget will then be scrutinized and then a feedback will be given by the manager .If there are discrepancies identified, the budget will be sent back for reviewing but if everything will be found to be in order, it will be approved and the dates for releasing of the finances will be communicated (Henry Mayle, 2002). The Funds can be released in phases or the whole amount can be released once. Impact of the Innovation on the Triple Bottom Line The use of new technologies in the business will offer several advantages for the business .This will be established by comparing the performance before and after the implementation. Triple bottom line is a business concept that analyzes performance of Organizations along three lines namely Profits, Planet and people. This is a signifier of the fact that performance of an organization measured on several considerations. An organization cannot be said to be faring well in the market if only one of these factors is considered. All factors must be considered for there to be an objective conclusion. The Company had until the invention of the new Technology was relying on outdated production methods based on outdated technology. These have been costly for the organization because of the fact that they negatively impacted on the environment, they did not lead to cost reduction and finally they did not offer the variety of products to meet the demands of the clients of the company satisfactorily. Impact of the Innovation on profits A new Technological innovation has the ability of increasing the profit margins for organizations. Having in place technology that is superior to the ones used by competitors can leads to the rise of sales of more goods .Basically goods produced using high quality and unique technology have the ability of standing out in a competitive market .This uniqueness is what is likely to attract and capture consumer interest to try out the products. This gives a company a competitive edge over other companies operating in the industry .For this organization the use of innovative, modern and unique technology will enable it to stand out in the quite competitive industry in which it operates .This standing out translates to more sales for the organization which leads to an increase in the profit margins of the organization (Cooke., Parrilli, Curbelo, 2012). New technology also enables organizations to widen their market .This is because they are able to reach more able to reach out to new market segments through technology based research as well as establishing consumer trends in the market .This can enable them to establish the existing gaps in the markets, the opportunities that are there and the strategies that can be used effectively for the organization to take advantage of these opportunities. For XYZ Company, its market has only been concentrated in some parts of Ghana because the technology that has been used by the company had some limitations. Because of technological limitations the market of the Organization was only limited to a small segment within the country. This did not give room for profit maximization by the company(Molacek, 2008). .However, the new technology will open new market segments for the organization in other areas which will increase the amount of sales translating to more profits for the company. Additionally, the use of modern technology enables organizations to become more efficient in operations .Efficiency in organizations is a critical component of business success. Basically for an organization such as XYZ, efficiency in operations means the use of fewer resources in the production process and taking minimum time possible to create a single product unit. This is advantageous in that the use of minimum resources in the production process significantly saves the production costs .Same also applies to advertising; new and modern technologies allow more appropriate advertisements for products. Customized advertisements considerably save costs for organizations. If the company is able to spend less in advertisements and in the production process, its profits margins will be quite high which will lead to the achievement o f its profit maximization objective. Impact of Innovation on planet Any practice by an organization has to be considerate of its impact o the environment. There are various regulations concerning business operations and their impact on the environment. Every business has a responsibility of ensuring that it does not affect the environment negatively through pollution or through the depletion of natural resources (Molacek, 2008). The company majorly depends on a number of products in the production of its beverages. This means there are potential negative impacts on the environment if there is over exploitation of these resources. Not only do organizations affect the environment trough exploitation of resources but also through emissions of pollutant gases and industrial affluent in the environment which reduces the quality of the environment. The new technological invention will ensure that the negative impact on the environment is minimized through the use of more environmental friendly approaches. Additionally the new technology will significantly minimize the resources used in the production process which will minimize the exploitation of resources thus leading to environmental sustainability. The innovation will therefore reduce further deterioration of the environment through reduction of the possible negative impacts on the environment. Impact of the innovation on people The people are the most important component of any Organizations success .How well an organization treats its employees will lead to their retention or departure from the organization. The new innovative strategy has a lot of benefits to the people. Usually for any unethical practice by an organization, the public is the most affected. Because of the significant role the public plays in the success of an organization, any strategy implemented by an organization need to consider its potential impact son the public. The public is likely to benefit from the innovation strategy by not being exposed to health hazards as a result of environmental pollution resulting from industrial activities. Any measure to safeguard the environment against degradation will lead to quality life for the people (Poole,2000). Additionally with the organization being able to open new markets and attract new clients there will be the need of hiring more staff .In this scenario also the public will be the number one beneficiary as the additional staff will be sought from the public. As analyzed the new innovation strategy is also meant to bring about profit maximization for the organization. If a company can make more profits it has the potential of engaging in corporate social responsibility activities. The public is therefore likely to benefit through sponsored community based projects such as digging of boreholes, educational programs, and improved health care among other areas that are impotent to the society (Betz,2011). Conclusion Based on the above analysis, it is important to note that innovation is quite important in any business venture .this is because the benefits of innovations do not only accrue on the organizations but also on other stakeholders on whom the success of an organization depends. All organizations should therefore embrace technological innovations to ensure success in its operations as well as positive impact on the societies where they are located. References: King, N., Anderson, N. (2001). Managing innovation and change: a critical guide for organizations. London, Thomson Learning. Singh, M., Waddell, D. (2004). E-business innovation and change management. Hershey, Pa. [u.a.], Idea Group Publ Lundstedt, S. B., Moss, T. H. (1989). Managing Innovation and Change. Dordrecht, Springer Netherlands. Rudduck, J. (1990). Innovation and change: developing involvement and understanding. Milton Keynes [England], Open University Press. Fuchs, G., Shapira, P. (2005). Rethinking Regional Innovation and Change Path Dependency or Regional Breakthrough? New York, NY, Springer Science + Business Media, Inc. Henry, J., Mayle, D. (2002). Managing innovation and change. London [u.a.], SAGE. Wang, C. V. (2012). Technology and its impact on educational leadership: innovation and change. Hershey, PA, Information Science Reference. Mooney SImmie, G. (2012). What's worth aiming for in educational innovation and change? democratic mentoring as a deliberative border crossing discourse for teacher education in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland and Spain. Mu?nster ; Mu?nchen [u.a.], Waxmann. Howard, A. (2002). Promote and support innovation and change: BSBCMN312A/412A. Chatswood, NSW, Software Publication. Thomas, M. (2013). Technologies, innovation, and change in personal and virtual learning environments. Hershey PA, Information Science Reference. Mcintyre, S. G. (2015). Utilizing evidence-based lessons learned for enhanced organizational innovation and change. (2000). Managing strategic innovation. [Place of publication not identified], [publisher not identified]. Rubenstein, J. M. (2001). Making and selling cars: innovation and change in the U.S. automotive industry. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press. Isaksen, S. G., Stead-dorval, K. B., Treffinger, D. J. (2011). Creative approaches to problem solving: a framework for innovation and change. Los Angeles, SAGE. Cooke, P., Parrilli, M. D., Curbelo, J. L. (2012). Innovation, global change and territorial resilience. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar. Betz, F. (2011). Managing technological innovation: competitive advantage from change. Hoboken, N.J., Wiley. Molacek, L. J. (2008). Innovation meets change: improving the spatial temporal abilities of students in grades K-3. Poole, M. S., VAN DE VEN, A. H. (2004). Handbook of organizational change and innovation. Oxford, UK, Oxford University Press. Poole, M. S. (2000). Organizational change and innovation processes: theory and methods for research. Oxford, Oxford Univ. Press.

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Markstrat Final Management Report Essay Example

Markstrat Final Management Report Paper In Sonnet market was to create sustainable profit to scuffs sustainable growth with high margins, market share and enough budgets for Votive Entry. In order to achieve our objective, inspired by focusing on competition and Consumer focus, our strategy was to differentiate our brand upgrade our products based on our target segments? needs. To achieve our objective, although we had a new market Votive where there was a huge opportunity of being a market leader by spending considerable amount of budget, we allocated some of our reserves to Sonnet market as It was a such bigger market compared to Votive. Mainly, we focused on customer expectations. From conjoint analysis and semantic scales marketing research data, we analyzed the customer perceptions, ideal levels for product attributes, product features and modified our existing products or developed new products. We tried to be the product leader by offering the best product to each segment targeted. We targeted SAM for Others, ASANA for Singles, SAIL Tort Pros Ana HI Earners Ana or outs. Meanwhile we 010 cost reaction projects for all brands to use cost advantage and sell with higher margins. We set the price mostly again based on customer perceptions and tried to lower the price or keep price increase at feasible levels. Based on the distribution panel surveys, we allocated the sales force to sales channels according to the shopping habits of segments and total sales figures. We will write a custom essay sample on Markstrat Final Management Report specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Markstrat Final Management Report specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Markstrat Final Management Report specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer First we decided on the total number of the sales force to be allocated to brands and then by weighted average, we divided them in between the distribution channels as shown on Appendix 2. We also continued to invest our budget on advertisement in Sonnies, by not ignoring our penetration tragedy with heavily advertisement and sales force for the new market Votive. In our initial management report as our Votive market strategy, we stated that our main objective was to be the market leader by being Pioneer comparing our RD budgets with our competitors. But firm with the highest budget and targeting lowest product features entered market in the 13th period. Because of our budget constraint and better product improvement target we were late but we did not give up. With other two firms we decided to use the advantages of being ? such as rather than being replacement or substitute or the pioneer, we choose to position ourselves as variety enhancers with different product features. Based on market researches, we defined the needs of the targeted customer segment and we tried to improve our product according to defined segment requirements. In our initial management report, we stated our strategies according to be the Pioneer in Votive market. Our stated objective was to become the market leader in the Votive market and benefit from higher margins. Committing our above stated objective, we adapted some of our strategies being an ? Follower?C,-1?0 as firm became Pioneer in the Votive market. Making a leapfrog action with our positioning strategy, we mostly targeted optimal cost and relatively high product features instead of imitating pioneer? VODKA. We determined positioning of our brands with and earning from our competitor mistakes. As market researches shown ? and had the highest relative importance for most of the customer segments, we tried to focus on those attributes with the right consumer segments; AVIVA for Adaptors?C,-1?0 and ? and VAST for and By the end of period 6, the leader of the Votive market which is Firm E is overcome by drowsiness therefore we went up to second place with our increasing net contribution, we had seen that our implementation of our strategies succeeded. Continuing to analyze the steps of our competitors what they can do, incorrectly analyzing our company opportunities how we can increase our sales, to increase our net contribution we tried to increase our market penetration. Based on our past experiences we were aware that to increase sales our competitors would decrease the retail prices. We were ready for these scenarios; we invested on cost reduction in period 7 in order to be able to decrease our retail prices and not to decrease our profit margin. Competing in overcrowded market, prospects for profits and growth reduced. As a result of this decrease at period 4, increased competition of price turn the water bloody (? Ocean?C,-1?0 as Chain Kim and Renee Unbroken); with all of our competitors we had the same budget (at that period we were in 4th range). It was an excellent opportunity for us. With the same budget capabilities we got the chance to use same amount of RD, Sales and Advertisement opportunities in total. We focused on RD for Votive while it was our chance to get into a ocean?C,-1?0 of uncontested market to untainted competition. The most unexpected situation was to lose the chance of being Pioneer in Votive market. But this unexpected situation which seems negative at the beginning, turned out a positive taxation with the mistakes of firm They did not allocate enough budget for RD to enter first in the Votive market; they missed the importance of advertisement to create brand awareness and the product features in long term. With their low product features they did not believe in their product so they gave a rower II price exclusive AT null ease cost. Other unexpected case is related with the entering strategy of other early followers. Firm E entered the Votive market with a low cost low price strategy with a better product than O. Although we were expecting this move we did not think that such low price. Firm I is also entered Votive at the same with us but with a huge price that a market cannot ignore. This was the positive competitor move for us. With the higher profit margins comparing to Sonnies market, there were ample opportunity for growth in Votive market. With our strategy of simultaneous pursuit of differentiate our products and reduce our base costs with RD projects we decided to change our product features. But we failed to predict the production volumes precisely for some brands, SALE, AVIVA etc. Especially in the last periods; we missed the opportunity to sell more and the increase in our market share and margins.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

A College Essay Coachs Take on the College Admissions Scandal

A College Essay Coachs Take on the College Admissions Scandal The college admissions scandal that has been all over the news has inspired me to break my recent blogging silence. The greed and lack of integrity exhibited by employees of top universities disturb me greatly. Since I am a Yale graduate, I have received a couple of apologetic letters from President Salovey; I hope that the school’s promise to be more vigilant in its admissions process holds true. Since I am a college admissions essay coach, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the media. Both USA Today and Rob Hart of WBBM talked to me about ethics in college admissions. Here are the article and radio clip for your reading and listening pleasure: USA Today:  Do all students cheat on their college applications? No, consultants say, but there are plenty of problems. I get calls from people who want me to write essays for them, and I won’t do that, said Brenda Bernstein, who runs The Essay Expert. This student is being judged on their own ability. But there are services that do that. And some sell academic essays as well. WBBM Newsradio Show: Essay Coach Talks Best Practices For College Applications The Dual Life of a Resume Writer and College Essay Coach What strikes me, in particular, is that many people conflate the ethics of writing a professional’s resume with the ethics of writing a student’s college essay. I keep explaining to reporters and others why they are not the same. One of my resume writer colleagues posted this comment about the college admissions scandal to my Facebook page: Just to be devils advocate here, I dont see the difference between writing essays with information students have given about THEIR story and writing a resume for someone who tells you his / her story about his / her career. We dont put on the bottom of their resumes that it was written by us. Most executives have their executive assistants write their letters for them. Is that cheating by the executive (we have all seen where an executive calls his assistant into the office to take a memo)? Like I said, just playing devils advocate.  :-) My response: There is no assumption or requirement that resumes be written by the job applicant. In fact, many hiring managers say they *prefer* a professionally written resume. Theres also no rule that a student cant get some coaching and editing help on their essay. English teachers and guidance counselors have been doing this for years. Whats important to me is that the essay is truthful, at the level the student is capable of writing, and in the students voice. What I would add to the above is that there is most definitely a rule that students must write their own application essays. Admissions committees judge them for the quality of their writing and how they express themselves, because they are going to be required to use those skills in their college careers. By contrast, an executive wont be expected to write a good resume as part of his or her job. Moving Toward Truth Integrity My job as a college essay coach is to help a student tell the truth – not the version of the truth they think an admissions committee wants to hear. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked an applicant, â€Å"Is that really true?† and gotten the response, â€Å"Well not completely. But it seems like that’s what I should have gotten out of it.† Again and again, I point the writer to the truth, which is always more interesting than the picture perfect story they thought they should tell. As a resume writer, too, my job is to tell the truth. The facts speak louder than any flowery language we could write to make something sound better than it is. We stick with the facts. The cheating uncovered in the recent college admissions scandal goes far beyond helping students think through the best way to tell their story. It goes way past the level of supporting an executive by presenting her accomplishments powerfully in writing. I hope the world recognizes this difference. More important, I fervently wish that parents, college admissions advisors, university administrators and sports coaches choose to act with integrity as they shepherd young adults into what could be the most important four years of their lives.

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Research Building a World-Class Information Security Department Paper

Building a World-Class Information Security Department - Research Paper Example As soon as the corporate security and risk framework has been established, it will be mapped into lower-level procedures for the implementation teams. The policies and architecture team will be required to not only construct the architecture but also help in managing and monitoring compliance with architecture and system policies. This area will be focused on the management of projects and resources for the information security group. It will be harnessed to ensure that necessary resources are assigned to projects and that timelines, service levels, and commitments from the security team are met. It will also be used to ensure that personnel are well-equipped and trained to execute their duties. The security team and its programs must be aligned to business requirements and needs; this will help in ensuring that oversight and governance are complied with (Dhillon 24). Many organizations have special security liaisons in the business, but their responsibilities are usually not a formal component of their job descriptions, or if they are, other operational duties take precedence over this bit part role. I will have a designated business liaison for every significant business segment or at least make it a significant part of the job responsibility so that these people are able to spend enough time knowing and responding to business requirements and needs. This area will be focused on and emphasized in order to ensure that security technologies and tools are employed in the current environment in accordance with architectural needs. In addition to this, this area will ensure that IT operations management tools and custom applications being deployed, such as log management and network management, have appropriate and adequate security built into them. For instance, there may be applications where access control is very important to guarantee network management tools that

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Model answer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Model answer - Essay Example Welfare of people is often ignored while trading internationally as the major focus is on profits. A minority section gains maximum profit through the procedure who is not even citizens of the exploited nation. This is observed mainly in third world countries where people need to work under unfair conditions, with low wages or in unhealthy work environments, demonstrating the negative aspects of international trade (Stephen, 2011). The other negative issues are exhaustion and destruction of natural resources. It can also be stated that international trade increases dependencies amongst nations and enables supplying nation to exercise more power and impose trade restrictions on other nation, simply to achieve financial gains. Logistics can be defined as an effective management of the procedure through which resources are acquired, moved to different locations or stored as and when required. Logistics management encompasses identification of potential distributors and suppliers, and even evaluation of their effectiveness and accessibility so as to establish healthy relationships (Maloni and Benton, 2000). A logistic system comprises of various components such as customer service, transportation, inventory management, materials handling, storage, information processing, packaging, production planning, production planning, demand forecasting, facility location, purchasing and other related activities. These other activities for an organization can comprise of service support, effective handling of goods returned, maintenance functions and recycling operations (Fawcett and Magnan, 2002). A particular firm might not require all of the components to accomplish specific tasks. For instance, a service firm such as airlines encompasses elements such as maintenance, customer service, information processing, demand forecasting and purchasing functions so as to reach to the

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Economic Advantages of Free Trade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Economic Advantages of Free Trade - Essay Example This essay presents a brief informative theoretic overview of the positive economic effects, that free trade agreements exert on economic performance of a country. When country trades with another state, it either exports products to that country or it imports, procures products and services from that particular nation. When a country exports different goods and commodities to other member states, it can be seen that it stands better chances of generating revenue from that particular activity. Exports boost the wealth of the nation and imports also contribute to the welfare of the country. When a country sells certain goods to other countries, it generates revenue in the form of foreign currency and this money can be channelled into the economy and it can help it to develop. Precious commodities such as gold and other minerals are exported to other countries and they bring a lot of forex to the host country. Other industries such as textile also export different goods to other countries and these exports help to generate revenue for the host country. The money is used for other developmental purposes and it helps the host nation to improve its economy. With a thriving export market in a country, it can be seen that employment is also likely to be created as a result of the growing demand of the products that are locally produced and sold to other countries. This means that more money is injected in the economy and it can also be used for developing other social amenities such as health, education as well as infrastructure. The roads in a particular country are likely to be developed and buildings are also likely to be constructed as a result of free trade between member states that will help each other to gain the desired objectives in as far as economic growth and development are concerned. The other advantage of free trade among member states is that they can easily